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Serving schools, community organizations, students, and family.

This site will direct you to your area, give you participation tools and understanding of your program, sponsoring a program or make a payment. First, click here for a free membership and access to private pages.

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Coaches Caddy


Use this link for Practice Plans, Field Strategy Guide, Weekly Instructional Videos, Coach Training Videos, Calendar, etc..

Parent Portal


Find info on current Session Calendar, Events, Locations, Meets, Family Field Trips, Permission Slips, Student Offers, etc.

Student Launch


Click for Instructional Videos, Awards and Event info, Students Offers, Teen Leader Programs, Advanced Training Videos, etc.


My Team/Club


Click here to register your team or club for the US/YDGA Fall or Spring Sessions

Summer Camps


Click here to register for US/YDGA Summer Camps for students. Beginners or advancement training. Apply for financial assistance.



Click here to find out how to sign up as a volunteer at the All District Final Tournaments, Summer Camps, Course Installations or your child's team.

About Us

Schools & Community Organization Teams/Clubs

Teaching core values, we set out to help commercialize disc golf through partners, school programming and community team/club functions. All based on youth, family and tomorrow's golfer. Aimed at those who DO NOT run, jump, dive, tackle or sprint.

Student Achievement

We believe students will fight hard for achievement when offered something unique to fight for. Therefore, the US/YDGA Awards Program was developed.


Designing with safety, development and effect, we are installing Jr. Disc Golf Courses near program schools and communities with need for school team, beginner & family friendly practice zones.

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